After putting in the hard work out west in Perth for over 5 years, Sean Parker’s persistence and dedication to the board has finally paid off with the release of his brand new video part for Primitive Skateboards – “SIGNAL”.

The pilgrimage to the US for any Aussie skater is like rolling the dice… The planets really need to align – the TM needs to be in town, the photographers and filmers available to hit the streets and the US Pro counterparts able to get in on the session. Sean’s most recent trip to the States took him from the peripherals to well and truly on Primitive’s radar. Us Aussies knew how good he is, and now the world can see too!

Beyond Skate x Project celebrated Sean’s success with a premier party in his hometown. Perth came out to celebrate with Sean! We know this is only the beginning and we are looking forward to what is yet to come!

Sean Parkers “Signal” playing now via the Primitive Tube!

Jack, Alec, Harry, Luke and Aidan in pre-prep for the big night.

Harry, Josh, Sasha and Jack taking it to the streets.

Sarah and Khalisah.

Harry, Jack and Matt.

Jeff and Harry.

Scored Jeb!

Woolstores Brothers in Arms; Sean and Flynn.

Charlie, Carlos and Alex.

Tom, Aldrin and Grady.

Local groms ripping the night away!

Zoe, Amy, Salma, Jordan and Cooper getting amongst it.

Jordan, Matt and Khalisah.

Rowan, Harry and Brendan.

Free wheel, claim your set Corey and Ben.

Cassio and Michael with some Primitive x Tupac love.

Will, Aidan and Jack.

Steve, Harry and Luke.

Ben, Jack and Rowan.

Bunno Crew: Connor, Waylan, Lachlan and Darcy.

Matt and Dan give it a thumbs up!

Jordan, Joe, Cooper and the lads.

The man of the hour Mr Sean Parker congrats mate on an epic video part.