Hitting LA’s famous Griffith Park ditch, Jenn Soto reminds you why she’s a rising star for both Thunder and Primitive in her latest clip.

Thunder’s team manager, Nate Alton shares his perspective of seeing Jenn skate; “When I first saw Jenn skate I was impressed with her smooth style, trick selection and the fact that she is always smiling and enjoying herself. I had never been on a street mission with her before so I knew the day was going to be a treat. After a few warmup ollies into the bank, she started rifling off tricks into it. At the end of the session I was blown away—not only by her skating but by her ability to stay calm, happy, and laugh at herself even after a slam. Keep smiling, Jenn, the only way to go from here is UP! ” —Nate Alton, Thunder Team Manager