Skateboarding is such a unique sport in that it brings like-minded people, with similar interests in smaller sub cultures, together, sharing their love of skateboarding. Often it goes that step further, getting people talking and saving lives. Skip is no exception to this.

Opening his store 12 months ago, Albert Skipper (Skip) wanted to give the community something positive and get as many people involved in skating, partly because skateboarding saved his life.

“If it hadn’t come along I would not have been around. Skateboarding makes you feel connected with life… I Look at everything with a different perspective. People say it’s the calmest that they’ve ever seen me. My mind forgets everything else when I’m skateboarding. It’s a spiritual journey”

Becoming a part of the BOSS group (Bendigo Old School Skaters) ignited his passion for skating, which he hadn’t done since the peak of the 80’s. With over 100 members, the vintage skaters meet up often over the weekend – likening it to going to Church.

“It’s like the men’s shed of skateboarding. It’s brotherhood with people looking after each other”

Seeing a niche in his local community of Eaglehawk, Victoria, Skip envisioned a one stop shop for the locals to meet up and chew the fat. Offering coffee, food, a barber shop and a mini ramp – everyone is welcome, not limited to the skaters. Rest assured though, Skip will be happy to teach you a thing or two about his beloved skateboarding culture!

“They embraced us when we opened the shop. We had the old and young in one room. That’s beautiful. It’s more than just a skateboard shop”

This has seen a massive increase in people skating with Skip making it his personal mission to help guide youth struggling with life problems through skateboarding. Skip extends this goal through sponsoring ripper up and comers, such as Lachie Cranstoun who is killing in it the under 16 comps.

If you find yourself in the Bendigo area, you need to visit Skip, not only for a chat, but to check out the deck wall and have a skate on the mini. Because that’s what it’s all about – spending hours at your local store like you would your lounge room.

Skip’s Skateboard Shop
Address: 1/8 Sailors Gully Road, Eaglehawk, VIC 3556
Telephone: 03 5446 9432
Instagram: @skipssk871