Shop Local, Support Local. With these unprecedented times, the best way to show support of your local store is by buying your gear from them!

Kurb Skateboard Shop has been holding down the skate scene in East Gippsland, as the only core skateshop in the region. The shop first opened in 2008, moving twice since to larger locations, this success largely due to the product offering and staff expertise in skateboarding.

Giving back to their community, Kurb Skateboard Shop regularly hold events to engage the local grommies including skate Jams & comps or a Movie Night. Recently they’ve been rolling out the YMCA’s RAD and skate club program run by Jeza & the crew.

Stocking the best street wear and skate brands, and a shoe wall that rivals any large chain, if you’re looking for a sold out style in your size, make sure you give them a call!

Kurb Skateboard Shop
Address: 214 Raymond St, Sale VIC 3850
Telephone: (03) 5144 5054
Website: New website coming soon!
Instagram: @kurb_skate