Longevity in a Skate shop these days is special. It shows relationships, customer service, product knowledge and having great staff is valued by the consumer. Jimmy’s Skate Shop encompasses all these things, and more.

Located centrally in Hobart, Jimmy has the market stitched up – Tasmania’s only skate shop, no scooters to be seen! With a mini ramp for local skaters to enjoy, a 40 year old functioning coke machine and an extensive old school skate collection and tour posters from years past, customers can see the passion Jimmy has for skateboarding.

Being a skater since 1983, with his first set up a fibreglass board, Jimmy wanted to open a store for fellow skaters to have their own hangout and not just be treated like the surfing’s bastard step child. Giving back to his local skaters, Jimmy works closely with local councils on skate park design and running skate comps for the local shredders. Sponsoring around 10 people, including Renton Millar and up and comers Grace Cochrane and Ebony-Rose Bielby, the scene is tight in Tasmania.

Be sure to stop in if you’re in the neighbourhood to see his extensive brand offering and to check out the Tasmanian Institution that Jimmy’s Skate and Street has become!

Jimmy’s Skate & Street
Address: 103 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000
Telephone: 03 6234 7997
Website: www.jimmysskate.com.au
Instagram: @jimmysskateandstreet