Anyone who has experienced the skatepark/ skateshop tour of the world knows skateboarding has no borders. It isn’t unusual to know someone who knows someone who is a mate of the store owner. Bonafide Supply Store is just that, with owner Jason Davey hailing from the UK, who is also a mate of a friend of ours who owns a distro in the UK….you get our drift…

Jason opened Bonafide Supply Store in December 2021 in Hornsby, a stones throw north of Sydney. Jason is a staple in the UK scene, having done graphics for board companies since the 90s. Like most of us, his love of skateboarding was born after messing around with a board when he was 12, and this passion has lived on since.

Bonafide Supply Store originated in the UK in 2015, when Jason returned home for a few years after a stint in Oz since 2000. The shop he used for his graphic design studio became a psuedo skate store after a good friend who runs Death Skateboards and Power Distributions suggested putting a few boards in the shop window. This then reconnected Jason with the local skate scene.

Returning to Australia in 2018 , Jason wanted to bring Bondafide Supply Store to Australian shores. It wasn’t until 2021 that all the pieces fell into place with a shop front finalised. Bonafide prides itself on giving the love to some of the smaller brands in the industry, those that have a great back story. A conveniently located street spot out front of the store, with the store flat bar and kicker dragged out, makes the store more of a meeting place and skate haunt. The shop has further been cemented as a local staple with events including live bands, skate comps and movie nights to get the kids involved in the local scene.

‘I like to make the shop a comfortable place to hang out, no matter who you are‘.

One thing we Skaters are good at is supporting and backing the quiet achievers – Jason and Bonafide Supply store are just that. A 100% skater owned and operated store, wanting to bring the hype of skating to the local community and pass on the knowledge only 35+ years on a board brings you.

Bonafide Supply
Address: 1/20 George St, Hornsby NSW 2077
Telephone: 0493 461 269
Instagram: @bonafidesupplyaus